Lana Čmajčanin

Lana_Cmajcanin_fmtLana Čmajčanin was born in 1983 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She finished Secondary School for Applied Arts, department of sculpture, in 2002. In 2007 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, sculpture department in the class of professor Mustafa Skopljak.. Lana is a member of Artists Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Solo Exhibitions:

2010 Temporary Here; Kozelites Műveszeti Egyesulet/Approach Art Association, The European Capital of Culture, (Pces); 2008 On the place of the face; 10m2 Gallery, (Sarajevo); World with my Eyes; Public space, – Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art, (Sarajevo); 2007 Topography of human faces, graduation exhibition; Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, (Sarajevo).

Selected Exhibitions:

2011 The Biennale of Contemporary Art D-O Ark Underground, (Konjic); Prolonged Exposure – The Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv, (Tel Aviv); I Advocate Feminism: ArtPoint Gallery – KulturKontakt Austria (Vienna). 2010 Decolonial Aesthetics; (Bogota); SpaPort biennale 2009/2010, (Banja Luka); Salon of Film & Video Art; Gallery Atopia – film & videokunst, (Oslo); Belgrade Summer Festival – BELEF: The Film Programme: Open Cinema; The Belgrade Fort, (Belgrade); International Women’s Film Festival | Israel; Section – Women in War Zones – Balkan, (Rehovot); BH Video Art selection; Photon Gallery, (Ljubljana); Tvrđava@rt 2010, The Brod Fortress, (Slavonski Brod); Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund | Köln; Section – Focus: Balkan & Neighbours, (Dortmund – Cologne), Tvrđava@rt 2010; The Brod Fortress, Slavonski Brod. 2009 She Personally – Young Women Artist from B&H; Huizer Museum Het Schoutenhuis, (Huizen); Contemporary Bosnian Art in Struggle with a Dead Hares; Cultural Centre Banski Dvor, (Banja Luka); Opening of The Festival City of Women with Group performance – Bujrum, Help Yourself, Kinodvor, (Ljubljana); Global South, International Festival of Contemporary art – City of Women; P74 Center and Gallery, (Ljubljana); part III; Independent platform for contemporary art: video/film/performance/new media; Academy of Fine Arts, (Trebinje); Ars Kozara – Art in Nature laboratory; (Kozara); Am I That Name?; SC Gallery, (Zagreb); Urania; Multifunctional pavilion Burence, ArtAtak project, Sarajevo Center of Contemporary Art, (Sarajevo); Ricami di Bosnia; thoughts and views of Bosnia and Herzegovina women’s, (Turin). 2008 Spa-Port; International Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Side programme; (Banja Luka); Festival Days of Sarajevo; Center for Cultural Decontamination – CZKD, (Belgrade); Models of TRANSformation – Youth Salon 2008; City Gallery Collegium Artisticum, (Sarajevo); She Personally – Young Women Artist from B&H; Museum of Zenica City, (Zenica). 2007 Who are those girls?; 2. International Festival of women arts – PitchWise; Historical Museum of B&H, (Sarajevo); Female body shape; Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, (Sarajevo); Who are those girls?; BetonSalon, Museums Quartier 21, (Vienna). 2006 The Exhibition of Young B&H Artists, National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, (Sarajevo). 2005 Scharfe Brise; International Art Festival, (Bremen); 4th Balkan Youth Festival – International Festival for Young Artist, (Litohoro, Pieria).

Artist Residencies:

2010 Art Residency: Miskolc Institute of Contemporary Art (M.ICA); (Miskolc); Temporary City; Kozelites Műveszeti Egyesulet/Approach Art Association, The European Capital of Culture, (Pces). 2009 MANO teritorija | ART territory; The European Capital of Culture, (Vilnius).2004 Hochschule für Kunst Bremen – University of the Arts Bremen; Class of professor Bernd Altenstein, (Bremen).


Bosnia and Herzegovina: tailoring and sewing
Digital print, dimension variable, 2011.

Enjoy the freedom of sewing and tailoring of your country!

Now you have the opportunity to make a proper model according to your means, desires and needs, feelings of national identity, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or guided by some others directions. By combining entities, cantons, provinces, regions and districts / municipalities, you can create the individually ideal Bosnia and Herzegovina. Share the joy of sewing and tailoring with your friends, the Mayor, the Minister, the President of the party, religious leader, government officials or anyone who you consider relevant to making your decisions. Since you can combine different patterns and cut to size, many combinations will satisfy most demanding tailors.