Igor Bošnjak

igor_slikaIgor Bosnjak was born in Sarajevo 1981. He is an author and a curator of the International platform for Contemporary Art namaTRE.ba. Next to painting, he explores the field of new media, film, concept and video. He graduated in 2005 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje. In 2008, he completed his MFA in Theory of Arts and Media in Belegrade. He works as an Assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje, Department of painting, and as a coordinator on subjects: photography and extended media. Lives and works in Trebinje.

Important solo and group exhibitions are 2010: Balkanication, Duplex Galerija, (Sarajevo); Smoking and Rolling Tobacco, (3- day performance) in front of Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, 2009: PainThings, Galery Josip Bepo Benković, (Herceg Novi); 2008: Slikarstvo unutrašnje nužnosti, Gallery of the Fine Arts (Trebinje); 2007: Untitled Gallery Most (Podgorica); 2006: Asocijativni pejsaž, Museum of Herzegovina (Trebinje); 2005: Metafizika sjenke, Club/Galery Koncept (Mostar), 2010: III Spa Port Bijenale, Izloženosti, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Factory Čajevec (Banja Luka); Nuit Blanche /Balkan Video-Box, Point Ephemere (Paris); Festarte VideoartFestival / Spazio Monitor, Macro Testaccio, Museum of Contemporary Arts (Rim); Real Presence 2001-2010, Museum of City of Belgrade / Konak Kneginje Ljubice (Beograd); BH Video Art, Photon Galery (Ljubljana); Keine Angst! / No Fear / Bez Straha, Tapetenwerk Halle C (Laipzig); P’silo Project, Festival Images Contre Nature, Teatar des Chartreux (Marseille); Virion Project, H-Block Galery (Brisbein); Invent Tura, Interdisciplinary Art Project, Terzić Gallery (Banja Luka), BKC (Mostar); Video Loop, CAM Casoria, Museum of Contemporary Arts, (Napoli). 2009: Streaming Festival, BoekHorststraat 139 Gallery (den Hag); SUB Dokumenta, Projekat Charlama Depo Gallery, Skenderija Shopping Centre (Sarajevo); Imaginary Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Galleria d’ Arte Moderna Palazzo Forti (Verona); Dublin Electronic Arts Festival DEAF, Centre for Contemporary Music (Dublin) Arte Ciencia Innovacion, Espacio Centar Canarias (Tenerife); Art Verona 09, Contemporary art of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Verona); 2008: I Spa Port Bijenale, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zgrada Tereza (Banja Luka); Balkan House Cinema Festival, Kriterion Fondacija (Amsterdam); VideoPlay 07, Galerija Instituta de Humanidades (Santiago de Chile); 2007: Real Presence 07, Gallery Remont (Beograd); Dislokacija pogleda, Museum of Contemporary Arts RS (Banja Luka); Floating Sites, Real Presence, Gallery mKm Magacin (Belgrade); Clovek Spomenik, 4th Video Salon, City Gallery (Velenje); 2006: Alternative Film Video Festival, Festival of the new film and video, DKSG (Beograd); V Inport, Polymer Culture Factory, Warm Studio (Tallinn); The Mediatized Body, Hotel Dada (Buenos Aires); 7th Anymous New Media Exhibition, City Gallery (Plzen); 2005: VI KEF, Exhibition of the short electronic form, Cultural Centre REX (Belgrade); In Place of Fear, Student Cultural Centre SKC, VIP Art Gallery (Belgrade).


www.igorbosnjak.com, www.BHartmap.com, www.namaTRE.ba


SPAM ART PROJECT (Consists of daily email offers or supplies of manual services offered to west-European galleries, until the gallery or the museum replies to my proposition. The process is constantly repeated to the moment when the respective gallery puts my email address under the spam email, or unbelievably so, accepts the realization of the project, under the following circumstances)

Dear gallery, museum, collection, centre for contemporary art I hereby address you as I would like to offer my participation in an artistic project Spam Art called: What can a Bosnian (South-East European) artist also offer to western system of art? I am addressing you hoping you would accept my offer. In case you do not, your rejection is also welcome, because it is a part of the project. Since the world is currently going through a high-scale recession and crisis, and since the crisis in the Balkans has lasted for the past 20 years, I have decided to use my artistic project to help your museum-gallery-institutional system by offering the following services:

– cleaning the floors of the gallery (on a daily basis), whitewashing the walls of the gallery (once per project), changing the light bulbs and light installations (once per project), dusting your permanent set-up if you have one (on a daily basis) , setting up all possible gallery exhibits for display (painting, sculptures, postaments etc.), I can also be used as a janitor, doorman, cleaning lady, technical staff or a person who would run errands for you (on a daily basis), you can also put me on display as a ‘Balkan savage’ or as a kind of a ‘Balkan fetish or a relic or a curiosity , I can also do graphic design for your future catalogues (gratis) …