Miodrag Manojlović

miodrag_manojlovic_fotkaBorn in Mrkonjić-Grad in 1979. In 2004, he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, Department of Painting and Graphic Art. He obtained his MA degree at the Inter-disciplinary MA Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, at the Set Design Group. He is one of the founders and the coordinator of the Artistic Association Protok. He teaches Graphic Advertisement at the University of Business Studies in Banja Luka.

He participated at a number of workshops, festivals, exhibitions: 2008: Projected Visions, Association Apolonia, Artventure Project, Visual Art Network (Strasbourg). 2007: Propeller  TV Ltd Immage Studios (video screening) SKY CHANNEL 195 (UK); Presence of the Absent, video installation, Music Pavilion (Banja Luka); Dislocation of View, the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS (Banja Luka). 2006: Continental Breakfast (Memory Whole), the Museum of Contemporary Art of RS (Banja Luka). 2005: In Spite of Fire (Site Specific Project), Kosančićev Venac (Belgrade). 1999: Cambridge ELT Workshop (Banja Luka).



“Ordinary”, 2007
A stop-motion animation, DVD, 2’; plasticine

Is it possible for the images that have penetrated deeply into one’s memory as negative experiences to cause different feelings (memories) once they occur in different contexts? Does the reading of those images change at that moment, or, is it rather the case that these memory-related images alter the context of situation?

To kick-off images, to kick-off memory, to kick-off the virtual world of imagination!
Miodrag Manojlović