Arman Kulašić

arman_portretBorn in 1980 in Prijedor. In 2007, graduated form the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Department of Painting in the class of Professor Nusret Pašić.

participated at group exhibitions: 2004: Tko to tamo pjeva?, the National Art Gallery of  BIH (Sarajevo). 2006: Permanent Presence, White Box Gallery (New York); Beton Salon, Museum Quartier 69 (Vienna); PitchWise, Historical Museum (Sarajevo). In 2004-2006 participated at the video/audio/web workshops Digital Demystification, organized by SCCA,; in the experimental video-documentation project Journal No.1; an artist impression. 2007: the Art and Survival workshop organized by the Connecting Cultures.


“One-fourth of carpet and the remaining three-fourths that are missing”, 2007.
Installation, material: 1 woolen carpet, 2 mirrors
2 X 1,5 X 1,86 m.

One-fourth of a carpet found in the junk (properly washed and dried out) lies in a corner of the room so that its cut-off sides are put against the wall, i.e. against the mirrors. In parallel to those cut-off sides of the carpets there are these mirrors; together, they make a 90-degree angle. Due to an optical phenomenon, one/fourth of the carpet is projected on the mirror, creating an imaginary visual whole.

With my need to heal the carpet, to make it a whole again, by experiencing it in the psychologically-existential sense as my own wound, I have projected, trying to solve the problem on a symbolical level, in the space of extra-corporeal – extrapolated (externalized) self-healing. In other words, I define and project my personal trauma, related to the problem of identity, through an apparently healed identification mark in an extra-corporeal space.

Arman Kulašić