Bojan Mustur

Ivica Osim is one of the famous names of European and world football league. As a player, he started his career in FC “Željezničar” Sarajevo, and concluded it in France. He was also known as a member of the national team of SFRJ. As a coach, he worked in FC “Željezničar”, and also as a most successful coach of the national team (and the last one) in the former Yugoslavia. Later he coached FC “Partizan”, “Panathinaikos”, Athens, “Sturm”, Graz and “Jef United”, Japan. Until the last one, he had the function of the Vice Deputy Mayor of the City of Sarajevo and he became honorary citizen of the City of Graz (Austria). He was born in Sarajevo and he’s the third best sport player in BiH of all times. His son, Amar Osim, has been following his father’s footsteps. He started his career in FC “Željezničar” Sarajevo and continued playing in France. He’s one of the most successful football coaches on the country level in BiH since after the war. Today he works as a coach of the Second team of “Jef United”.

My proposals for the new monument are two (authentic and original) letters: the first one would be the letter that Abedi Pele (one of the greatest names of the world football) sent to Ivica Osim for his 60th birthday and the other one, a letter that Reisu-l-ulema ef. Cerić sent to Amar Osim in the occasion of FC “Željezničar” passing the third circle of the Champions League.

I propose those two letters to be put on the building of the Main Post office in Sarajevo, in the form of billboards. Today, in spite of new technologies (sms, e-mails, etc.), traditional letter is still one of the worthy ways of communication between people. It seems it hasn’t lost its importance and role in history, so this idea would point at importance of the Post.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Banner”.