Jasmina Mitrović and Kristina Šamara

Our idea is based on the desire to show to the people the possibility of connecting seemingly impossible things, e.g. two or three faiths. The remembrance to the tale of understandings how by the two churches, the symbol of gate is taken out and beyond its context. This very strong symbol needs to present the link and communication between people. The goal of the project is to force people to look at the things in a different way, to look at what lies behind and on the other side, and to understand that, looking at the mirror, they can see only themselves. With the passage of time, even that mirror will be broken. Accidentally, deliberately, but that is the aim. Once its both sides are broken, then in order to complete the flow of reflection of consciousness and of lack of understanding, until the passage and opening towards the other and towards the different.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Ambience projects / Interventions in nature and urban space”.