Lejla Porobić

The work represents a realistic sculpture of the telephone glorifying the object itself. I have chosen this object as a symbol of our time, characterized by the development of economy with production and consumption as their main ideologies. It is part of our everyday life and, like the old monuments which in this part of the world reflected some great figures, ideologies and events, now it is this object that symbolizes the consumer society – consumerism being its only true ideology. The telephone as the motive reflects also the notion of communication that is indispensable now more than ever before in this country. This sculpture is neutral towards any political agenda; it celebrates the object in its function as the main factor of human survival and of our desire to make progress. This way, a monument devoid of ethnic ideologies and of its past, exists only in order to look at the future rather than to reflect over the past burdened with ethnic symbols.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Objects and words”.