Danica Dakić

NAKO* is a concrete sculptural intervention (260x700x70 cm) in the urban setting of the NoviGradMunicipality in Sarajevo. With its material nature, monumental form and minimal message devoid of every ideologization, NAKO offers new possibilities to the formulation of cultural, historical, linguistic and urban planning-related aspects of an artwork of lasting character at this place** and in this time.

* Examples of colloquial use in BiH:

  • Why did you do it? Just like that (einfach so, in German)
  • How are you? Just like that.
  • How is your English? Just like that.
  • “It is prohibited to sit just like that in this cafe.”

** Intersection of the roundabout at Dobrinja.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Objects and words”.