Emir Begtašagić

This monument is made in the spirit of the modernist tradition of neglecting the meaning and focusing on the form that is abstract yet bears different concrete meanings. It is made of geometrical and abstract forms that, not accidentally, have an associative link with other geometric and abstract forms that have become the ubiquitous signs of our civilization. In the circular spaces there are painted pieces of glass while the surface of the whole work is set vertically along the west-east axis so that the rays of the sun at sunrise and sunset can always penetrate the glass, amplifying their color and disclosing their function – that is to make a modern painted glass technique and, as such, something that brings spirituality into our dehumanized world. By its form, the work refers to the advertising billboards, although it gives it a completely new artistic meaning. The second key feature of this monument to human creative vitality, expressed through the respect for the light of the sun, is the possibility for the glass to change and move. This way the work maintains freshness and originality with the passage of time by the ever-changing forms and shapes it takes in order to adapt to the sensibilities of the time.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Monumental sculptures-objects”.