The monument called “Untitled” would represent an isosceles triangle (the so-called “golden cut”), whose two halves are made of white marble (the right side), and the left side of black Plexiglas (or some other artificial material).

The monument would be dedicated to Veso Sovilj, our professor who has led us – with his “upside-down pedagogy” – to take on responsibility towards art and our living with art.

An artist who gained significance through his work in this part of the world still cannot afford to have an ordinary flat or a studio.

The reason behind our proposal to erect this monument is: HE HAS NOT GOT A HOME, BUT HE HAS A MONUMENT! The choice of material and the form of the monument refer to professor Sovilj and to his work and life, and to the opposition between light and darkness, black vs. white, natural vs. artificial‚Ķ and yet there is the “golden cut”.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Monumental sculptures-objects”.