Andrej Đerković

Games without frontiers

This work is based on a social game in which two important periods of Sarajevo’s history are reflected: Winter Olympic Games in 1984, and the period of the siege of the City. Olympic circles, in five official colors (five continents) simulate an amalgam of ethnic diversity.


This work in the shape of the symbol of “Peace” consists of the four passage-ways (trenches), three of which end up as one and vice versa. Their aim is to connect the war and the post-war, or rather the peace-time period of our lives. Through this selective movement from three trenches into one, the work also refers to mental and political state of a society in which a classification to ethnic and confessional affiliation prevails, as opposed to the national identity or the feeling of belonging to a country.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Monument-sign”.