Ivan Hrkaš, Maja Bojanić and Armina Pilav

Monument to monument

“Monument to Monument” is an expression of our revolt against the time we are living in, the politics that is manipulating us, the issues nobody raises, the knowledge that constrains us. It does not have any political background nor religious affiliation, or any specific identity. It does ask a question though: What was the monument? Is the time of monuments gone forever? Does a monument warn us or remind us? Who or what has deserved a monument? What artistic value did the pre-war, war and post-war monuments possess? Can they be privatized? Our idea stems from the notion that, today, producing monuments has become meaningless, so we have decided to use an abstract form with no connotations whatsoever – a plate (“monument… an artistically made object that directly or symbolically serves as the souvenir of someone or something…”).

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Monument form – pedestal”.