New Monument – Braco Dimitrijević

Braco Dimitrijević is an internationally renowned artist who has both international and historical continuity. So far, he has not got a work installed in a public space in his hometown, although he has been dealing with contextual art since the early 1970s. His proposal is conceptually a continuation of his previous work. The proposal has an ironic connotation and perfectly corresponds with the empty monument platforms all over the city, thus reminding us of the current state of monuments in BiH. The conceptual gesture of Braco Dimitrijević with which he “buries” a monument, gives rise to an important consideration of the social realities of both BiH and the world and its refection in the domain of contemporary art.

A stone block (size: 150x150x300 cm) with the text carved in four languages: “Under this stone lies a monument to the victims of War and the Cold War”.