Kurt & Plasto “Sketches for the Oscar”

Summer Garden Ćulhan (Sarajevo)
September 04, 1997


“Ashes to ashes“ – video catalog of the first exhibition of Kurt & Plasto in the gallery Collegium Artisticum (14 min).
“Remember my song“ – educational report from far-away countries of the world (20 min). “Hunter’s move“ – adventure film about a true event (4 min).

“The secret life of transvestites“ – story about people who once become victims of their own conspiracy, and who know who next in line is (14 min).
“After the rain“ – film about the beginning and end of one historical process (3 min).
“Just an illusion“ – (first 4-D Bosnia and Herzegovina action thriller) presentation of the zero-budget action thriller in four dimensions, full of dangerous scenes, and not one, anywhere.

Promotion of the energetic perfume “Agony and ecstasy“, manufactured in the chemical institute, Non plus Ultra. Besides getting a bottle of perfume, the visitors may drink coffee if they are allowed and able. Relax and enjoy.