Annual Exhibitions

Annual exhibitions were the SCCA’s main annual activities (1997 – 2000) based on public call for the new projects of local artists and the artists from Diaspora. Following the needs of younger generation of artists after the war to “re-appropriate” the streets and places in the city and change the traditional model of visual art SCCA turn its interest to work in public space and new media. This concept enabled creation of the new art scene and defined further the programmatic directives of SCCA.

Since year 2000 SCCA could not produce such a big annual group exhibitions but it continue to follow already traced SCCA’s program direction. SCCA’s First Annual Exhibition in 1997, “Meeting Point,”—a two-month series of installations, actions and performances in creative response to the historical and architectural context of one specific place, the summer garden “Čulhan” located in the remains of a 16th-century Turkish bath in the heart of Baščaršija (the old town), and the screening of collected video works that were created during and immediately after the war—.

As a result of great interest and the need to systematically continue what was begun the year before, 1998 and 1999 saw the initiation of new projects in outdoor spaces and continued work in the electronic and digital arts.