Ameli Tančica “Trilogy: coffee, dreamtime and Homage to Yves Klein”

Summer Garden Ćulhan (Sarajevo)
September 03, 1997


Tančica transforms his emotional roller-coaster into harmony. He leads us beyond the boundaries of informative chaos, like a real enclosure, into a dimension of cosmic harmony.

The initial piece of the Trilogy is “Coffee“. From dawn till dusk, raw coffee beans are roasted in the Ćulhan. Their smell wakes in the collective consciousness an associative process of the visualization of smell and its transformation into a picture.

The focal point of the Trilogy is the multimedia installation, “Dreamtime“. At the threshold of dusk and night, a video projection starts, a scene showing a eucalyptus tree. At the same time, opposite the screen, a printer prints out a computer image of a eucalyptus leaf. Starting with the idea of the Australian dreamtime, the author examines the relation of nature and technology.

The conclusion of the Trilogy is in the performance, “Homage to Yves Klein“. At dawn, Tančica covers himself with Klein Blue color paint and documents his walk through town with Polaroid pictures. He leaves traces of his presence at the places of picture-taking.