Jasminko Ferović “Punctuation of symbolic speech”

Obala Maka Dizdara Street from the Academy of Fine Arts to the Skenderija bridge (Sarajevo)
August 22 – September 20, 1998


Language – the basic means of communication between people – becomes a significant disturbance, which is proved by the recent war. Symbolic speech is only completely understood by people if they see in it the language of the One. Today, human movements and gestures are all that remain of that language. Translated into a visual language, those are punctuation marks. They are symbols of the universal: full stop – the sphere of completeness; colon-duality / inner-outer; comma-beginning of the Spiral/ying ; hyphen-separating/up-down. The punctuation marks are set on panels, and passers-by read it as part of the language.