Beyond the Mirror Opening

Different location (Sarajevo)
August 22 – September 20, 1998


Beyond the Mirror is the theme of the Second Annual Exhibition of the SorosCenter for Contemporary Arts-Sarajevo. One segment of the exhibition is an integral part of the Fourth Sarajevo Film Festival (the authors’ videos in the MADE IN BOSNIA program). Other segments of the exhibition are conducted simultaneously, although in terms of their program and concept, they are independent from the Festival.

The title “Beyond the Mirror,'” borrowed from Lewis Carroll, offers extensive room for interpretation, our first objective being the attempt to investigate the nature of media and the nature of art. Going through the mirror, through that surface reflecting our own image, we are treading into a space of the interior, subjective world and its respective images-the eternal theme of all the arts. On the other hand, new technologies, particularly electronic media – that could be token as a new metaphor of the old “mirror” tale – raise a whole new set of issues: of the truthfulness of virtual images, simulacrum, shadow (specter). What we have at work, thus, is the creation of a parallel world of virtual reality. The boundary between the subjective and objective views of the world, the awareness of here and now – that fundamental psycho-social anchor of ours – is thus lost, confronting the authors creatively engaged in these media with enormous challenges. (Dunja Blažević)

Realized on different sites in Sarajevo from the streets, Miljacka river, places to the Academy of Fine Arts, Obala Meeting Point, Internet Cafe, IPC Gallery …