Marijana Ćurić “Dis/information of the exterior”

Academy of Fine Arts (Sarajevo)
August 22 – September 20, 1998


A video installation which consists of three monitors showing three animations at the same time. Starting point is human body which the author looks at from two perspectives:
– body as a space in itself – body as a container where physiological and psychical processes invisible to the human eye take place;
– body in space – a situation in which the body consists of some other space, which influences it.


This animation represents the meaning of the borderline – linking and separating. Two persons confront each other on the borderline – encounter is represented with a close-up of the space/ the borderline between two human noses. The space which divides them is at the same time the common space/ boundary that joins and separates. The sound is based on different  breathing rhythms; as the borderline becomes more clear the breathing becomes faster and harder, which should reflect the excitement of the human body (fear, sexuality, aggressiveness, etc.) in a situation where the private parameter are jeopardized by the presence of another (examining) body.

“Thought and word”

“Thought” is an inner parameter. “Word” is an outer parameter. A group of lips is opposed to one pair of lips. This animation represents the way an individual faces a group (the way in which private thoughts and ideas face a more or less uniform social and cultural view of the world). It links the inner/mental world of an individual with the external norms and ideas of social organization.


“Corner” relates to the physical dimension of space (inner and outer) and to the inner and outer dimension of the body. In this part of the animation human skin turns into facade of a house. Skin as an outer part of the human body becomes the main source of information on the other outer space which influences its behavior.