Jasmin Ferović “My other me”

Čobanija Bridge (Sarajevo)
August 26, 1998


The sound performance unfolds on the ČobanijaBridge, which is cut in half with a big piece of plastic. Strobe lights are mounted on both sides of the bridge, which creates an atmosphere of radiance and tempest, and from both sides of the cellophane- the “mirror”- people stand watching each other through the transparent wall. At the top of the metal construction of the bridge there is a platform that joins the two tall trusses upon on which is placed a mixing-board and turntables. The performance will take place on that improvised stage, from which will also be projected an x-ray negative. The performance consists of the author’s electronic composition “My other me”.

“Good and evil are found in every human being and are in constant conflict. This project wishes to show the violence of evil inside us… Try to recognize it in other people. Warn them. Look at and listen your surroundings, and then look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?”