Izeta Građević “Untitled”

Obala Meeting Point (Sarajevo)
August 22 – September 20, 1998


The work connects different times, spaces and people gathered around the Obala Art Center. It is located in the space of the Internet café and consists of wallpaper which covers the men’s and women’s restrooms. The motifs of the wallpaper are created from photographs of hard core characters of the “WC artists” that the author took in 1994 in the old restrooms of the Obala café. The women’s wallpaper is rose-colored with characters of angels and graffiti “Kurt Cobain”. The male wallpaper, a light bulb, has for its main character a prostitute that says “fuck, fuck, ten dollars”, and a little “Nazi teddy bear”. These are wallpapers to suit everyone’s taste at the same time: both the one that is permanently “alternative” and other that prefers order and cleanliness.