Jury session held on June 19th 2014 in Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art SCCA.

Annual Award for the Young Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014 was awarded to Selma Selman.

Jury statement.
Members of the jury:

Lala Raščić, artist and the Jury Chair Person, Sarajevo/Zagreb,
Mladen Miljanović, artist, Banja Luka,
Gordana Anđelić Galić, artist, Sarajevo,
Omar Lopez-Chahoud, independent curator, New York and
Sandra Dukić, artist, Banja Luka (ZVONO 2011 winner).

Members of jury have unanimously chosen the four finalists for The Annual Award For Young Visual Artists in B&H for 2014. There were 45 applications for this year’s competition, with total of 70 art works presented ranging from traditional graphic art works and sculptures, to videos, installations and urban and media interventions. Most of the works presented have had a high artistic quality. Conceptually and thematically two groups of art works could be distinguished: auto-reflexive art works, which question personal identity (from gender, ethnic, to minority background), and those which question and critically deconstruct social reality.

The finalists have been chosen on the criteria of exceptionality of the concept and the quality of execution, as well as the quality of the application and the submitted documentation, and the general artistic impression.

The finalists for The Award ZVONO 2014 are:

  • Mila Panić (We have a wonderful life),
  • Bojan Stojčić (Writing exercises, various writings, various locations 2013-2014),
  • Irma Markulin (Traces of Homeland),
  • Selma Selman (16000 Parts).

Mila Panić questions the relations between migration, nostalgia and cultural displacement through appropriation of family photos, photo albums and objects. The materials used are only the basis for postproduction of Mila’s work in the form of installation and creation of analytical space for thought on cultural transition of those who arrive here and those who depart from here.

Bojan Stojčić creates a series of temporary interventions in urban spaces. “In situ” art works are critical comments on social processes, which at the same time refer to the language of linguistic conceptualism. Bojan integrates the aura of the location in his work as well. The act of documenting the textual interventions, the artist emphasises the essence of acting and questions its form.

Irma Markulin is an artist who analyses and sublimates growing up, emotions and memories of childhood through authentically and consistently produced photos, paintings, installations and objects. The formal consistence of the works are shaped by the part of Irma’s current location, which is Berlin, while their contents refer to her roots and what the artist retroactively analyses.

The works of Selma Selman clearly show the position of the artist, who questions her marginal position as a subject and the ethnicity which she belongs to. Selma faces the viewer with all the stereotypes and unpleasant realities of her life and identity. Her works not only probe her identity, but the relation of the whole society with itself. Art is to Selma a language of facing her reality, but also of overcoming it.