• Jury session held on Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art June, 23rd - 25th, 20011.

Annual Award for the Young Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2011 was awarded to Sandra Dukić and Boris Glamočanin.

Jury statement.

Members of the jury:

  • Irfan Hošić, art historian, Bihać
  • Dunja Kukovec, curator and art historian, Ljubljana
  • Pau Cata, curator/ researcher, CeRCCa – Centre for Research and Creativity Casamarles, Barcelona
  • Miodrag Manojlović, artist, Banja Luka
  • Adela Jušić, artist, Sarajevo (ZVONO 2010 winner)

For the 6th year of the Zvono award in BH this time was the hardest to select the best works. It was noted by all the jury members that the presentation and contextualisation of the works has significantly improved since the award was introduced to the BH art scene.

After analysing all submitted art works, the jury led by the criteria of innovativeness, authenticity in regard to contemporary art and social movement as well as bringing into perspective individual and collective position of the artist, has decided to select 4 out of 23 applications submitted.

Jury decided on four finalists:

  • Sandra Dukić, Boris Glamočanin
  • Igor Sovilj
  • Lana Čmajčanin
  • Radenko Milak

The Jury has valued the art works in regards to current tendencies and movements in contemporary art proactive.

Sandra Dukić and Boris Glamočanin are using real situation of Ljubija (created around the biggest mine in former YU) is the framework for this inclusive and collaborative work which fully defines its activist nature. Dealing with harshness of the transition and post-war society problems the 2 artists are speaking about themselves, telling their personal stories of someone who is always perceived as the other. Highly positive approach and artistic gesture transforms devastated and forgotten community through opening the dialogue between artistic practice and the empowerment of the civil society bringing hope on the one hand and challenging the corruption of the current political and economic system in general, on the other hand.

Lana Čmajčanin trough a playful use of cartography and sowing instructions underlines the bizarreness and conflictive of BH inner borders. Analytical way of thinking uses the presumed feminine activity of sowing to deconstruct imposed boundaries. Simple and clear aesthetics that combines design invites the audience to experiment in this game revealing the absurdity of the present situation and detachment between politics and everyday life.

Trough classical medium of painting, highly skilful, Radenko Milak puts himself in the repetitive mode of questioning the presentation of violence in recent history. Artist chooses the well known photo, a document of war, to go through meditative process in order to open the catharsis for himself but also for the audience. Moments of violence are frozen in the paintings and that is when the switch between the classical and contemporary medium is happening.

Igor Sovilj, applied with 5 channel video installation AV Diaries – that deals with „feeling of guild“, to be more precise 5 feelings of guiltiness. Starting from himself and involving his mother into the process the artist stresses, points out the need for wider social discussion of feelings of guiltiness. Through minimal gestures and simple visual forms artist is offering the multilayer reading of the presented narrative.

By letting the viewer approach closed structure of the mother-son relationship, uncomfortable feelings are provoked which makes us rethink our own feeling of guilt from individual but more importantly collective stand point of the BH society nowadays.

Next to the 4 finalists the jury wants to drew attention to the works of Igor Bošnjak and Jelena Fužinato.