Annual Award For Young Visual Artists For B-H

Jury’s Statement

Members of the jury:

  • Alenka Gregorič, Ljubljana, chairwoman of the jury
  • Antonija Majača, Zagreb
  • Asja Mandić, Sarajevo
  • Lana Pavlović, Banja Luka
  • Ervin Babić, Sarajevo ( ZVONO 2008 award winner)

This jury has decided on the finalists of the fourth Annual Award For Young Visual Artists – ZVONO 2009.

After analysing all the submitted art works the jury has decided that a number of the art works has a quality of a high articulation of the idea and the realisation itself. Out of 27 artists the jury has unanimously selected four finalists:

  • Irena Sladoje, Sarajevo
  • Borjana Mrđa, Banja Luka
  • Bojana Tamindžija, Ljubinje
  • Dajan Špirić, Banja Luka

Criteria for the selection have been formed around the idea of being innovative and being socially engaged, as well as the individual positoning of the artist within broader social context. The jury has valued the art works in regards to current debates and subjects in contemporary art. The intention of the award ZVONO is to point out to the local, regional and international art and any other kind of public, young artists and recent art production in Bosnia And Herzegovina.

The artists who have entered the finals of the ZVONO 2009, have clearly articulated their artistic position within relevant social subjects and relations. The position of the jury is that the finalists’ art works have successfully problematised the context inside which they act, not only by noting the circumstances, but also by creating a functioning dialogue between an individual and society.

Borjana Mrđa is questioning her gender position in a patriarchal environment in an innovative and comical way.
Dajan Špirić is skillfully interpreting the specific Bosnian social and political context.
Bojana Tamindžija is clearly and courageously treating recent history of the post-war Bosnian society.

Irena Sladoje is starting from a specific social practice and ending with an artistic interpretation. In a subtle and an intimate way she is treating the subject of individual pain as a metaphore for the whole community.

The jury would also like to mention the works by: Sandra Dukić i Boris Glamočanin, Igor Bošnjak, Iva Simčić, Nela Hasanbegović, Renata Papišta i Mladen Bundalo, whose artistic practices systematically show coherence, consistence and innovativeness.

Also, the jury praises and expresses their support for Aleksandar Todorović, an artist living abroad, for his initiative to revive the local art scene in B&H.

Sarajevo, June 24th, 2009