Young Visual Artist Award, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Official Jury Statement

Jury members:

  • Slaven Tolj, Dubrovnik – Chairman of the Jury
  • Ana Nikitović, Belgrade
  • Asja Mandić, Sarajevo
  • Mladen Miljanović, Banja Luka (ZVONO award winner for 2007)

The Jury has selected the finalists for the third Annual Young Visual Artists Award for Bosnia and Herzegovina – ZVONO 2008.

Upon viewing and analyzing all of the applicants and their works, the Jury has concluded that the majority of this year’s applications are of a high quality both in their artistic idea and the realization. Out of 29 applicants the Jury has unanimously selected 4 finalists:

  • Ervin Babić (Sarajevo),
  • Arman Kulašić (Sarajevo),
  • Miodrag Manojlović (Banja Luka),
  • The Group TAČKA (Prijedor).

The criteria for the selection have been based on the ideas of innovativeness, social involvement and engagement and self positioning within wider life context. The Jury has valued the works upon current debates and subjects in contemporary arts. The purpose of the ZVONO award is to point out to the local, regional and international art community of young artists and the current art production in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Jury would also like to use this opportunity to mention the works and the artistic methods used by Iva Simčić, Leila Čmajčanin, Ibro Hasanović and Emir Šehanović.

These artists have succeeded to make a step forward in expressing their artistic procedures, while the finalists have clearly articulated their art position within relevant social subjects and relations. It is the Jury’s point of view that the works of the finalists have successfully questioned the context within which they act, not only by detecting the state of the society, but also by raising the dialogue between an individual and the society.

Sarajevo, June 24, 2008