Ervin Babić – La rivoluzione siamo noi / Revolucija smo mi (Zvono award)

Gallery Duplex / 10m2 (Sarajevo)
October 31-November 15, 2009


Exhibiton of Ervin Babić  “La rivoluzione siamo noi / Revolucija smo mi” * , the 2008 ZVONO Award Winner.

“What is/where is/is there art in chaotic and traumatic societies? In the environment of contemporary primitive local kitsch, art, as a prerequisite for identity of a culture, and indeed a nation, is echoed in its album with no owner.
Degradation of human values and rule of new primitivism are caused by animal impulses of individuals and groups. We can recognize consequences of that in creation of an inhuman order.
An artist, referring to trusted paragons and sources according to one’s own choice of values, connects physically the value of an artwork to the current local “values”, thus establishing communication capable to offer a solution – a recovery.”
* Revolucija, to smo mi (La rivoluzione siamo Noi), Joseph Beuys, 1972 (Ervin Babić)