TV Gallery

TV Gallery is part of the project “Political Practices of (Post-)Yugoslav Art” realized in partnership with WHW (Zagreb, Croatia), (Novi Sad, Serbia), Prelom Magazine (Belgrade, Serbia), and SCCA (Sarajevo, BiH), 2006-2010.

The exhibition “TV Gallery” has been conceived to contextualize and represent specific television production (“TV Gallery”) that was created at RTS/Belgrade Television and broad-cast on the Yugoslav TV network from 1981 – 1991. The exhibition is dealing with cultural policy, conditions of art and cultural production, public television and production and broadcasting of video art in territory of former Yugoslavia. The author of the monthly  television show “TV Gallery” – Dunja Blažević – is a curator and art historian who used to run gallery of the Student’s Cultural Center in Belgrade during the 1970s as one of the rare vibrant spaces for art experiments, expanded and new media practices, critical perspectives and known for strong international collaboration among artists. Since 1981 Dunja edited TV show “The Other Art” at the TV Belgrade, which is actually a forerunner of “TV Gallery” series. She actually continued her curatorial practice in the medium of television, which proved to be one of the most natural public places for promotion, discussion and critical overview of what was called “new art practices”, and especially of video art production. “TV Gallery” project represents certain hommage to the “Television Gallery” (1968-69) project by Gerry Schum, produced and broadcast 12 years before her own production achievement, however under different circumstances.

Supported by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and the Erste Foundation.