Panel Discussion

Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
May 26, 2005


Panel Discussion- Overcoming Past
Moderator: Senadin Musabegović, Sarajevo (BiH)

  1. Historical controversies / New views
  2. Today’s controversies: what is being talked about, on what we keep silent?
  3. Continuities and discontinuities of two collectivisms: socialism and nationalism
  4. Overcoming war-related trauma in the process of community reunification
  5. Ethno-national politics as a result of the transition logic of destruction of socialism
  6. Peace agreement – a model of conservation, and of generation of a new political conflict
  7. War as the means of revising and “overcoming” the past
  8. Identity / new identities: who and what forms them today? Who are we, what are we?
  9. What is being taught at schools, what is not being taught at schools?
  10. Lessons of the past lessons to be learned (how to recognize fascism?)


  1. Žarko Puhovski (Zagreb)
  2. Ugo Vlaisavljević (Sarajevo)
  3. Svetlana Đurković (Sarajevo)
  4. Amer Filipović (Sarajevo)
  5. Aleksandar Hemon (Sarajevo – Chicago)
  6. Vladimir Marković (Belgrade)