Nermina Omerbegović and Aida Pašić

EglenPark or Pedestal for Remembering

The work is based on the concept that outline for a reflective essay parks were always the place where people would gather and meet for socializing and chatting. Our work is placed in the park opposite to the BiH Presidency building in Dubrovačka Street. Interesting characteristic of the space where we would like to put our work is that it would actually be a park placed inside of another park. Realization of the project would start by the adaptation of the space, which includes the idea of isolating the place by planting different bushes and plants around it, and also we would rebuild broken benches. In the middle of that isolated area, that would be around 30 m2, we would provide you with the place out pedestal. Each side of pedestal would have one message written on it: I THINK, I SEE, I HEAR, I TALK.

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With these messages, pedestal would be a guide to those who are thinking what they should do as individuals, who think about what is surrounding them, to talk about it, see negativity but also positive things around them, to listen to others, and not to lose their opinion. This would be one of possible phases of the project where the pedestal with messages would be a monument for itself. This kind of monument is necessary because we keep on doing less and less of things that the pedestal is reminding us about with its messages. With daily passing through the park, we could initiate individuals (not the groups) to speak up, think, listen to others and see what’s happening around them.

Second possible phase of the project would be that we look at the pedestal as a possible platform for speeches where people could come out with their opinions. This part of the project comes from very usual complaint that there is no public opinion and that citizens of BiH and Sarajevo are passive about what’s going on in their country. The question is: Is it really like that, or they just don’t have a place from where they could send out their messages? Maybe Eglen park could be some kind of Sarajevo’s Hyde Park – a place of open speech. The symbolism of the potential place for Eglen park is that it actually is a space close to the BiH Presidency building, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Party building and the European Commission. Not only right after the war but even before, this space was a place where prostitutes would gather. Today they are not there anymore but prostitution keeps on happening in the very building of the Presidency, as well as in other institutions that are nearby. Why couldn’t we talk about that in Eglen park? Or we could place a pedestal nearby, so it  would warn that citizens of this country are the ones who know how to think and talk, who are capable of listening to others and see what’s going on around them.

Project received for the competition for new monument/artwork in public space in the category “Monument form – pedestal”.