Workshops – Zlatan Filipović

Multimedia lab SCCA/ (Sarajevo)
October-November, 2002


Workshops for gaining practical knowledge about various media (video, audio, web, interactive environments) will concentrate on introducing participants to the required technical formats and ways of preparing/processing digital information as well as on offering more detailed information about particular subjects. The goals of these workshops are to increase basic computer literacy among university students and other interested members of the public, and to enable them to participate equally in global processes and currents. Each of the following courses may be viewed as a necessary step on the road to a possible systematic training-program in the subject of new media. The program is completely complementary to the program of the Academy of Fine Arts. The coordinator of this program is Zlatan Filipović. He is in his late twenties, an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in the subject of computer science  and, as an artist, a recipient of many international awards. The program is free and open, not only to students of the Academy of Fine Arts, but also to other interested university and high-school students.

  1. Computer literacy—demystification of the computer and the Internet
  2. Introduction to basic principles and ways of processing digital images
  3. Audio information formats, principles and fundamentals of treatment and processing
  4. Interactive multimedia presentations
  5. Fundamentals of compressions, CODEC formats and characteristics of digital images (static and moving), archiving techniques for digital formats—video/audio, databases
  6. Digital video