Peace by Peace, Building Bal(ka)loon Art

June 05-11, 2006


Final public event: June 11, Skenderija Place (Sarajevo)

Peace by Peace, Building Bal(ka)loon Art” Project initiated by Sean Rooney and Sina Greinert (Berlin, Germany), organized in collaboration with the Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art, the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo and the German Embassy in BiH.

“Piece by Piece” takes the form of an art project which uses balloons as a new medium for creative expression to create temporary monuments – something light for a change.  Students create big balloon installations  set up in public space, giving them a chance to exhibit and communicate their opinions to the public. The project addresses issue of  monuments in public space and was designed to extend and intensify the public discourse in Sarajevo.

“Building Bal(ka)loon” Art Project is inspired by the Sarajevo Centre of Contemporary Art project “De/Construction of Monument” that seeks to open possibilities for non-dominant interpretations.

Sean Rooney’s workshop with the students of the Department of Product Design:  June 05 -11

Presentation, lectures (for the students and general public): June 06

  • Dunja Blažević and Amra Bakšić-Čamo, the “Monument“ project presentation and discussion on new ideas for the follow up.
  • Sina Greinert:
  1. The German case of Policy of Memories and Identity (with the example of the Palace of the Republic, Berlin)
  2. The Nature of Monument

General sponsor: SEMPERTEX balloons