The Culture Lobby: an archive of cultural memory: Focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
November 03-December 03, 2011


The photo exhibition Culture Lobby is a collective portrait of the Western Balkan territory in its pre-accession period to the EU. It is created out of visual and audio materials collected trough documenting answers of the citizens to the question: “What do you think will change or disappear in your everyday life when your country joins the European Union?” The focus of the selected 28 photos is on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Artists: Ana Adamović (Belgrade), Cindy Blažević (Toronto/Zagreb), Aleksandar Grozdanovski (Skoplje), Armand Habazaj (Tirana), Astrit Ibrahimi (Priština), Amer Kapetanović (Sarajevo), Imrana Kapetanović (Sarajevo), Dorijan Kolundžija (Belgrade), Duško Miljanić (Podgorica), Atdhe Mulla (Priština), Pascal Paquette (Toronto), Lazar Pejović (Podgorica), Leonard Qylafi (Tirana), Nives Sertić (Zagreb), Nebojša Slijepčević (Zagreb), Ryan Taylor (Toronto) and Ljupcho Temelkovski (Bitola).

Authors: Cindy Blažević and Pascal Paquette

Curator: Asja Hafner (Sarajevo – Contemporary Art Center)

Organized by SCCA.