Question Mark

  • Question mark

City Gallery Collegium artisticum (Sarajevo)
June 16-21, 2003


“Question Mark”- sound exhibition by Darko Stanić and Vladimir Jakšić

Basic elements:


  • By terminating visual field one is opening him/herself to a possibility to act artistically in the spiritual field.
  • By terminating physical dimension of the space one is opening him/herself to a possibility of introspection.


  • It is the basic element of this work. A relationship between the sound and the meaning emerges; of different characters and kinds of sounds.
  • Sound ceases to be just sound; it becomes a thought, a feeling, an association, an image, a state…

Break/ Silence

  • Factor of connecting and disconnecting

Each sound is an artwork in the exhibition space of human thoughts.

The work deals with investigating relationship between:

  • real / unreal
  • conscious / subconscious
  • concrete / abstract
  • logical / not logical
  • construction / deconstruction
  • micro-context / macro-context

This work represents natural process of construction; it emerges from abstract, fragmental forms that gradually organize themselves and create logical whole – an organism.