Manifesta 3

  • Šejla Kamerić, EU / Others
  • Šejla Kamerić, EU / Others
  • Šejla Kamerić, EU / Others

Different locations (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
June 23- September 24, 2000


Manifesta 3 – European Biennial of Contemporary Art

Manifesta 3 took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is a place on the border of Fortress Europe. It is ‘former Eastern Europe’, it aims to be Western. It is close to ethnic turmoil, yet refined in its cosmopolitanism. It is off the centre, it is the centre – depending on where one stands. Manifesta 3 should explore the paradoxes of borderlining and strategies of protection. It positions itself at the crossing point of art and society in a challenging place. An art exhibition in this context, under these conditions, is not another show to be visited. It is also a trajectory of thought, speech and action. Not simply a place to be, but a process to engage with.

Participating artists from BiH: Šejla Kamerić “EU Citizens/ Others”, Maja Bajević – “Women at work” and Jasmila Žbanić, participation being organized with the assistance of the SCCA.

Curators: Francesco Bonami (USA), Ole Bouman (Netherlands), Maria Hlavajová (Slovakia) and  Kathrin Rhomberg (Austria).

Co-ordinator of Manifesta 3: Igor Zabel, curator, Modern Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Organized by Cankarjev dom (Ljubljana, Slovenia)