Manifesta 2

  • Nebojša Šerić Shoba, Untitled
  • Nebojša Šerić Shoba, Untitled
  • Nebojša Šerić Shoba, Untitled

Different venues (Luxembourg)
June 28 – October 11, 1998


Manifesta 2- European Biennial of Contemporary Art

The exhibition is largely a reflection of the many workshops, visits, and ​​contacts with leading art critics and other cultural actors in the countries visited. It offers a journey through different institutional venues and public spaces of the city of Luxembourg.

Manifesta European Biennial is a new contemporary art exhibition, whose first edition took place in Rotterdam in the summer of 1996. Manifesta Biennial is a traveling exhibition which  takes place every two years in a different European city. It is the first major attempt in the field of contemporary art to respond to political and social changes due to recent developments on the European continent. Emerging in a changing European context, Manifesta aims to capture new artistic energies and to establish a network for exchange encompassing Europe. Due to its nomadism, Manifesta is an evolutionary process, which, city after city, feeds the experience of cultural contexts that are different and unique each time. Manifesta is also an instrument of communication and dialogue without borders, creating an ever denser fabric of relationships between artists, curators, critics and other players in the world of contemporary art.

Participating artist from BiH: Nebojša Šerić Šoba
Curators: Robert Fleck (Austria), Maria Lind (Sweden), Barbara Vanderlinden (Belgium)

Participation organized with the assistance of the SCCA-Sarajevo.

Promotions and presentations of SCCA production by Lejla Hodžić (SCCA) – video, slide and catalogue documentation from Bosnia and Herzegovina for INFO LAB.