Hero in XXI – birth of L.A.E.

Academy of Fine Arts Gallery (Sarajevo)
May 15 – 21, 2000


“Hero in XXI – birth of L.A.E.”- exhibition and presentation of the project of the art group Labin (Croatia)

“Hero in XXI” is a long term art project, started in 1994 by Metal Guru with a series of conceptual performances (Labin-Ljubljana-Graz-Stuttgart-Amsterdam). Metal Guru is an art fraction of the Labin Art Express – an underground cultural and art organization from Labin / Istria, presented by Dean Zahtila, Massimo Savić, Sanja Švrljuga and Krešimir Farkaš.

Project “Hero in XXI” was presented as a multimedia installation.
Curator: Dean Zahtila, artist (Labin, Croatia)

Project “Get photographed with the artist” was also realized by the art group Labin. Photographers Rajko Tasić (Croatia), Marianne Greber (Austria) and Zijah Gafić (BiH) were appearing in public  and private places in Sarajevo (bars, street, cemetery, supermarket, museum), animating passengers to have their photo taken by Dean Zahtila (Metal Guru)

Realization of the project “Hero in XXI” in Sarajevo was supported by the SCCA Sarajevo, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Open Society Fund  BiH and the Open Society Institute Croatia.

Organized by the SCCA Sarajevo.