Bound/less Borders – Granice bez granica

  • Exhibition opening
  • Exhibition opening
  • Exhibition opening
  • Exhibition opening
  • Nebojša Šerić Shoba, Srebrenica - Luxembourgh, 2001

City Gallery Collegium artisticum (Sarajevo)
January 07 – 31, 2003


Project / exhibition “Bound/less Borders – Granice bez granica” was initiated by the Goethe Institute in Belgrade and in Munich, as a reflection of democratic, cultural and political changes in ex-Yugoslavia as well as of actual processes of opening and re-establishing the dialogue with other areas of the Balkans and Europe.

Nine curators from nine countries (Albania-Tirana, Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sarajevo, Bulgaria- Sofia, Croatia-Zagreb, Macedonia- Skopje, Montenegro- Podgorica, Romania-Bucharest, Serbia-Belgrade and Slovenia-Ljubljana) made a concept for  traveling exhibition Boundless Borders, and chose 36 artists whose works match the theme of the exhibition. It was decided that the uniform format would be large size prints of  all 36 artist’s works.

Participating artists from Sarajevo: Nebojša Šerić ŠobaŠejla Kamerić, Kurt & Plasto and TRIO (Bojan and Dada Hadžihalilović).

Curators of Bound/less Borders exhibition: Biljana Tomić ( Belgrade, Serbia) and Dobrila Denegri (Belgrade, Serbia), Ruxandra Balaci (Bucharest, Romania), Dunja Blažević (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Iara Boubnova (Sofia, Bulgaria), Petar Čuković (Cetinje, Montenegro), Jurij Krpan (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Edi Muka (Tirana, Albania), Zoran Petrovski (Skopje, Macedonia), Darko Simičić (Zagreb, Croatia)
In collaboration with: René Block (Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany)

Curator for exhibition in Sarajevo: Dunja Blažević