Balkan Art Generator

Cultural Center De Zeyp (Bruxelles, Belgium)
June 02 – July 02, 2000


“Balkan Art Generator”- group exhibition of artists from ex-Yugoslavia, selected and curated by Soros Centers for Contemporary Art (founders of the Balkans Art Network – BAN).

Participating artists from BiH: Damir Nikšić and Maja Bajević.
Selectors: Izeta Građević, Curator of the ObalaArtGallery and Dunja Blažević (Director of SCCA-Sarajevo)

The main goal of the project was exchange of projects and creation of new partnerships among the cultural institutions from the Balkans and Western Europe.
Around 20 multidisciplinary cultural institutions from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FR Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia took part in this project. Representatives of all included institutions took part in “Shortcut” meeting in Brussels 2000. The coordinator of Balkan Art Generator, as part of the program European Capital of Culture – Brussels 2000, was PAC Multimedia. Each of the institutions was represented by one artist (the artists came from different fields of visual arts – installation, new media, performance, video projections, graphics, painting, sculpture, etc.) and their artworks.
Each of the participating countries invited two institutions and two artists.
The project ended with a collective exhibition BALKAN ART GENERATOR,  within the framework of Shortcut Brussels 2000.

Balkan Art Network (BAN) was created during the “Initial conference on reconstructing the cultural production in the Balkans” Sarajevo BiH, December 2 – 4, 1999.