Aspects/positions: 50 Years of Art in Central Europe, 1949-1999

  • Aspects, positions: 50 years of art in Central Europe, 1949-1999, Catalogue cover

mumok (Vienna, Austria)
December 17, 1999 – March 2000


“Aspects/positions: 50 Years of Art in Central Europe, 1949-1999”  – international group exhibition sought to demonstrate the diversity of the historical and artistic developments in Poland, the Czech and the Slovak Republics, Hungary, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia.

Curator:  Lóránd Hegyi, Director of mumok (Vienna, Austria), co-curator for ex-Yugoslavia Dunja Blažević (Director of SCCA)

Participating artists from BiH: Nebojša Šerić Šoba and Jusuf Hadžifejzović

Organized in collaboration with the SCCA.