Sibylle Hoessler – Luggage

Trg oslobodjenja (Liberation Square) (Sarajevo)
June 11-18, 2002


“Luggage” – a project by Sibylle Hoessler (Germany)

Luggage is a traveling photographic project. It consists of about 14 suitcases of photographs. Each suitcase contains the essence of a phase of a lifetime. Together, the 14 suitcases portray biographies spanning 80 years. On its journey through Europe I want to find out whether, when people describe themselves, there are similarities in the perception and memorabilia of different nations.

For this, the suitcases need to be displayed in a public area where the onlookers can be interviewed and filmed. The material from the different countries is to be edited into a film  and displayed as the contents of a fifteenth suitcase.

The SCCA organized Sibylle Hoessler’s “Luggage” action at Trg oslobodjenja/Liberation Square (Sarajevo).