Sarajevo International

Installation of 12 individual “Sarajevo International” video stories were shown on 12 different locations in Sarajevo
May 11 – 25, 2001

Presentation of “Sarajevo International” series in Obala Meeting Point and Student Center Access
May 25  – June 10, 2001


Sarajevo International” a Video-Communication Project by Kristina Leko.
Kristina Leko (Croatia) is the first artist to participate in the SCCA “At first sight” artist in residence program.

During her stay in Sarajevo at the beginning of 2001, she produced a series of 12 video works under the title “Sarajevo International”. During the nineties, many Sarajevans left the town. Kristina Leko developed her video project starting from the question: “Who came to live in Sarajevo after the war?” Through video portraits of 12 foreigners currently living and working in Sarajevo, she presents one of many possible pictures of Sarajevo today.

The people who participated in the project were from different countries, different professions, different social spheres and different ages, as well as different religions and nationalities. They presented locations, pictures, documents; they used spoken and written texts, in their native languages or in Bosnian. In collaboration with Kristina Leko they expressed their personal stories using the possibilities of the medium of video.

“As an artist I want to share my artistic and video skills with others. My mission is to help people to express themselves and to teach them to create their small stories trough the video medium. That is my way of being an artist and supporting the process of democratization of the media.”Kristina Leko


“The car” – Ana Abdelbasit and Kristina Leko
“A social sculpture”- Francis Bueb and Kristina Leko
“Identity/Identities” – Yvana Enzler and Kristina Leko
“Pride” – Nabil el Hassana and Kristina Leko
“Photographer” –  Paul Lowe and Kristina Leko
“Bosnian-Austrian Friendship”- Krista Maresch and Kristina Leko
“A day with Marty” – Marty McKeller and Kristina Leko
“The Pyramid”- Chris Millera and Kristina Leko
“Shame” – Marco Noce and Kristina Leko
“A place from the future” – Paola Ossa and Kristina Leko
“Friends”- Imad Ziyada and Kristina Leko
“I don’t remember his name” – Kristina Leko

Preparations for project: January 15 – 21
Production: February 10 – March 19
Presentation: May 06 – 16