July 11 – Srebrenica Memorial – 1945 – 1995 – 2005

Different locations and  Ashkenazi synagogue (Sarajevo)
July 11, 2005


Tarik Samarah, author of the “1945-1995-2005” photo, dedicated it to the 10th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide and also 60th anniversary of Holocaust and the end of WWII. Samarah “translated” this photo (took in July 2004, Srebrenica mothers visit the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam) into billboard form (a public installation on facade of the Ashkenazi synagogue) and posters that show up on July 11, 2005 all over the city of Sarajevo.

Dedicated to July 11 – anniversary of Srebrenica tragedy

Photo by Tarik Samarah
Design by Šejla Kamerić 

Organized by the SarajevoCenter for Contemporary Art and La Benevolencija