• Kurt & Plasto
  • Lejla Bulja, People
  • Trio, Coexistence
  • Exhibition view, Liberation Square Sarajevo

Trg oslobodjenja (Liberation Square) and the other locations in Sarajevo
October 17 – November 15


“Coexistence” – international traveling outdoor exhibition of posters
Exhibition Coexistence was initiated and created by the Museum on the Seam for Dialogue, Understanding and Coexistence, in Jerusalem (Israel), curated by the Museum director Raphie Edgar.

The exhibition “Coexistence” was conceived with the hope that it would reach as many people as possible and make them think differently about how they relate to the “other” in their particular society. There are many places around the world where violent conflicts continue. There are also many large cities with heterogeneous population where people need to learn a new way of relating to the “other”.

The Museum on the Seam has developed a unique outdoor exhibition on the theme of Coexistence. Graphic artists from around the world were invited to submit the works on the Coexistence theme. From the hundreds of posters received, a prestigious international jury has selected twenty four works to be enlarged to a 3x5m format and exhibited in central and significant locations in the cities around the world. This exhibition, under the patronage of UNESCO, travels throughout the world reaching 23 cities in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Sarajevo, one of the host cities, made its contribution to this international event. SCCA, together with the Product Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts organized a workshop on the theme of Coexistence. The work of awarded student Lejla Bulja became a part of the exhibition journey. Four Sarajevo artists: Šejla Kamerić, Kurt & Plasto, Asim Dželilović, group TRIO (Bojan and Dalida Hadžihalilović), selected by the SCCA, also participated at the Coexistence exhibition.

Organizers of Sarajevo “Coexistence” venue: the SCCA and the Jewish Community Sarajevo in collaboration with the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem.